Orleans Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd

The family run business of Orleans Distributors which was started in 1996 was bought by AEEI in 2017, when it became known as Orleans Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd.

The brands we are proud to represent exclusively:

  • It all began with GATINEAU skin care products and with exclusive distribution rights going back to 1996, the business is currently the fifth largest distributor in the world.
  • The distribution rights for RVB SKINLAB diego dalla palma were obtained in 2002. The brand is sold exclusively in beauty salons in South Africa.
  • The distribution rights for NUXE skin care products were obtained in 2013. NUXE has since secured a strong position within leading cosmetic retailers in South Africa.
  • The business became the distributor of SOTHYS in 2015, which is sold exclusively in spa’s, beauty institutes and beauty salons in South Africa.

Contact Details

20 Bell Close, Westlake Business Park, Tokai,

Office: +2721 7012900

Email: info@orleanscosmetics.co.za